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Entertainment Law

Forest Hill Law represents clients in Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughn and Hamilton. Sheldon Benjamin has extensive experience in entertainment matters and can handle all of your legal needs from contract negotiations to intellectual property litigation.  Sheldon’s clients include athletes, actors, musicians, artists, media distributors, models, filmmakers, screenwriters, and producers.  With skill and knowledge, and an abundance of resources, Forest Hill Law is known for its ability to resolve and address the full scope of issues facing celebrities, entertainers, and other industry professionals.


To insure our client best interest Forest Hill Law provides attentive representation that focuses on minimizing their risk, reducing cost and efficiently achieving results while protecting the reputation and privacy of our clients. Our clients can benefit from our abilities to negotiate favorable agreements as well as our trial aptitude. We handle entertainment law issues involving industries such as film, theater, music, television, radio, digital and publishing. Sheldon represents his clients in the practice areas of:


  • Motion Picture Rights

  • Formation of Loan-Out Entities

  • Sports Contracts and Marketing

  • Breach of Fiduciary

  • Production Agreements

  • Representation Agreements

  • Distribution Agreements

  • Licensing Contracts

  • Director Agreements

  • Music Rights

  • Television Rights

  • Producer Contracts

Sheldon also has significant experience in drafting and negotiating contracts, such as:


  • Recording Agreements

  • Songwriter and Music Publishing Agreements

  • Management Agreements

  • Agency Agreements

  • Synchronization and Licensing Agreements

  • Talent Representation Agreements

  • Performer Agreements

  • Film Option and Shopping Agreements

  • Film Financing Agreements (secured and unsecured)

  • Rights Assignments and Acquisition Agreements

  • Co-Production Agreements

  • Life Rights Agreements

  • Literary Publishing Agreements


In addition to drafting and negotiating contracts, Sheldon represents his clients in a variety of copyright, trademark, privacy, and regulatory compliance matters, such as:


  • Trademark Registrations

  • Privacy and Regulatory Compliance

  • Privacy Policies

  • Privacy Training

  • Copyright Registrations

  • Privacy Breach Management

  • Trademark Opposition and Section 45 Proceedings

  • Infringement Matters



Sheldon delivers practical and effective representation, so his clients can focus their time and energy on their work and business. He takes a proactive approach to protecting their interests by identifying potential risks and finding strategic business and legal solutions.

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Whether it’s a long-term advisor or immediate legal support you require, Sheldon offers specialized service that you can depend on.


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